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This is a fantastic documentary about the origins of the cajon, and how it develops and becomes popular in Europe.

The documentary featurestop class cajon players; it was produced in Peru with the title “The cajon is Peruvian… and I say it” (“El cajón es peruano, lo digo yo”). The closing figure making the statement is Carlos Caitro Soto, the man who obsekiated the first cajon to Paco de Lucia (the spanish guitar player that incorporated the cajon in flamenco music for the first time, and thus brought the instrument to Europe).

It is a must see for every person interested in learning or playing cajon!

This is the first documentary of the series “Mad on Hand” (“Hecho a mano”), a production resulting from the colaboration between Ernesto Hermoza (who was then head of the IRTP) and the great peruvian poet Jose Watanabe. Selection of takes: Sandra Roceros. Advisor: Chalena Vásquez Rodríguez. English translation: Juan Miranda.
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Este es el primer documental de la serie HECHO A MANO, y es resultado de la labor de Ernesto Hermoza, entonces director de la IRTP, junto con el gran poeta peruano José Watanabe. Selección de materiales y tomas: Sandra Ronceros. Asesoramiento: Chalena Vásquez Rodríguez. Traducción al inglés: Juan Miranda.

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